Best Grub Killer Reviews – Top 10 Rated Models in 2023

Is your lawn suffering from damage due to grubs ? And you don’t know what to use to get rid of them? White grubs eat the roots of the grass and make them thin and colorless. You will notice that there are brown patches in your lawn, plus the grass has become spongy too.

If they are not treated at the right time, then these grubs will increase in number and will cause more damage to your lawn. So, you need to purchase the best grub killer to get rid of these grubs. They are chemical products that will help you in eliminating the immature grubs and will protect your lawn from further damage.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the top-rated grub killers that you should consider purchasing for your lawn.

Benefits of the Best Grub Killer

Using the best grub killer for lawns will benefit you in many ways. First of all, applying them to the affected areas will help you in getting rid of the white grubs, caterpillars, larvae of the beetles, ants, and other insects and will also prevent them from laying eggs.

They can kill the adult and young grubs within a short period of time. Using the grub killer will help to make your lawn healthy and strong again. There will be no more dead patches and spongy grass due to grub damage. Applying them is quite easy and effortless.

Moreover, some of the grub killers come with a long time protection system to prevent the grubs from entering in the future. Therefore you can fertilize and repair the damaged areas without any worry and make your lawn healthy again.

Types of Grub Killer – Which One Do You Need?

The ideal grub killers for gardens come in two forms, one is granule, and the other is in liquid or spray form.

Granule: The grub killer in granule formulation are quite easy to apply and eliminates a huge number of grubs in a short time after application. If you have a large lawn or garden, then you can purchase the largest size granule grub killer as they can easily cover 5000sq.ft to 6500sq.ft area. You can get rid of white grubs, beetles, moths, and other worms by using it.

Spray: Grub killers also come in the form of a spray that helps in killing the insects by contact. You can dilute it with water or can attach it directly to the garden hose. They kill not only grubs, but also ants, fleas, mole crickets, and other insects effectively.

Purchase the right type of grub killer for your lawn according to your budget and ease of application.

Our Recommended 10 Grub Killers Reviews

1. Scotts GrubEx – Grub Killer and Preventer

The season-long grub killer by Scotts will eliminate all the white grubs from your lawn with just one application. All you need is to apply the GrubEx1 on your damaged lawn in late spring or early summer, then it will kill and also prevent the grubs from attacking your lawn for a long time.

It is quite easy to apply and is effective for killing different insects like larvae of Japanese beetles, mole-cricket, larvae of crane-fly, caterpillar, etc. It kills more than 25% grubs than the original GrubEx.

It prevents root damage by killing the young grubs and makes your lawn healthy and strong. This can be the best grub killer for summer, plus you can apply it by using any Scott’s spreader.

What do we like about it?

Scott GrubEx1 is not only effective against grubs but also for other small insects too. It kills the young grubs before developing and saves your lawn from turf damage. The grub killer also protects the grassroots against the white grubs for up to 4 months.

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What else?

Applying the grub killer is quite easy. It works with any of Scott’s spreader and kills the young grubs before they damage your lawn. This grub killer can treat up to 1000sq.ft and comes with a money-back guarantee. You can get your money back, if not satisfied with the product.

What don’t we like?

Even though this grub killer works great for killing the grubs and doesn’t damage the lawn, but it is not suitable to use it in your vegetable garden as it is a chemical.

2. Ortho Home Defense – Best Insect Killer for Lawns

Prevent the growth of outdoor grubs and create a barrier with the Ortho home defense insect killer. This fast-acting grub killer kills fleas, spiders, ants, centipedes, ticks, and more in the lawn before they enter into your home. It creates a barrier to keep them out of the house.

You can apply it in early spring or summer for the best results and should water the lawn after application. Applying it is quite effortless when you use the Scotts spreader. This 10lb grub killer also acts as a protection system against grubs and other insects.

It can be used on flowers and ornamentals, lawn, home foundation, and on the gardens of the listed vegetables.

What do we like about it?

This grub killer kills a variety of insects from the lawn and makes it safe and healthy. The insects cannot come into the house as Ortho home defense creates a barrier and provides up to 3-months of protection. The application of this grub killer is quite easy, all you have to do is mix it with water and apply it on the lawn or garden.

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What else?

You can also use this grub killer in different areas to kill pesky insects. It can treat up to 10,000/20,000sq.ft area to protect your home from insects. The grub killer also comes with a money-back guarantee.

What don’t we like?

This grub killer is poorly packed and comes with a loose cap, so there is a possibility that the granules might spill out of the package. Plus, it might not kill all the insects as specified.

3. Bayer Advanced 70074OS 24 Hour Grub Killer

If your lawn is suffering from dead patches and spongy grasses due to white grubs, then I recommend the Bayer’s Advanced grub killer. This excellent turf rescue formula kills the grubs within 24-hours.

It can get rid of ants, scorpions, billbugs, crickets, millipedes, armyworms, earwigs, and more overnight. Using it during early spring and fall is the perfect time to achieve the best results cause during that period, the grubs are young and actively moves near the soil’s surface.

The grub killer is the strong grub killer for fall, as it is quite effective in eliminating the insects. It kills on contact, so water the area thoroughly after application so that the granules reach the insects hidden in the soil.

What do we like about it?

The best thing about the grub killer is it kills the insects in 24-hours. It is not only effective against grubs but also works great in killing other insects too. It delivers overnight results and makes your lawn free of insects.

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What else?

The grub killer can treat up to 5000sq.ft area and is quite reasonably priced compared to other grub killers. You can easily apply it with a spreader.

 What don’t we like?

The advanced grub killer is useful for a short time and doesn’t protect your lawn from future grub attacks. Moreover, it is not suitable for use in gardens.

4. Savin Ready-to-use Grub killer

The Savin 5% Dust bug killer provides maximum control against the bugs of a garden and kills up to 65 insect pests. It is quite safe to use until the day of harvest, on a variety of vegetables and fruits. The ready to use grub killer is available in a 1lb canister.

It efficiently kills ants, Japanese beetles, fleas, and other insects. You can use it around the home, lawns, trees and shrubs, flower garden, and on fruits and vegetables, to kill the insects. It can be used up to 3 days prior to harvesting of tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cucumbers, and more.

The grub killer kills the insects by contact, so make sure to use it in the morning and evening when the wind is calm and avoid using it during the rainy season.

What do we like about it?

The Savin insect killer is ready to use a formula that comes in 3 packs. All you need to do is simply shake the product while applying in an area. It kills over 65 insect pests from different outdoor areas of your home. You can use it in on vegetables and fruits too before harvesting.

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What else?

Unlike other insect killers, this ready to use insect killer is a non-systematic insecticide. It means the plant will not absorb the product nor will it distribute through the plant’s systems. The product will remain on the plant’s surface and will the insects by contact.

What we don’t like about it?

You can use the product only when the weather is calm and when no rainfall is forecasted for the next 48-hours. It can unintentionally kill beneficial pollinators if the product is blown or washed away.

5. BioAdvanced 700288B- Best Lawn Grub Killer

Get rid of the annoying insects that chew on your lawn with the BioAdvanced complete insect killer (link to amazon). It controls the insects of both soil and surface. The 2-way formula of the grub killer helps to eliminate various surface insects like mosquitoes, ants, ticks, and fleas.

It also kills sub-surface insects like mole crickets, grubs, and European crane fly larvae. Moreover, it kills the surface insects in 24-hours and protects the lawn from soil insects for up to 3-months. This insect killer can be used as a home perimeter treatment.

You can use it at different outdoor sections of your home like lawns, around building foundations, groundcover, trees and shrubs, and flowers.

What do we like about it?

The insect killer protects your lawn from top to bottom. It kills the listed common yard insects in just 24-hours and protects the lawn for up to 3-months. Applying it is quite easy and your pets will be safe to enter the treated area after the product has been completely dried.

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What else?

You can treat 10,000sq.ft area with this 10-pound insect killer. With a single application, it can provide up to 30 days of rainfall protection against surface insects. Plus, after application, the plants absorb the product and become rainproof after one hour.

What don’t we like about it?

It can be quite dangerous for pets, so it is recommended to keep them away from the treated area until it is dried. Not suitable for applying to vegetable gardens.

6. Bonide BND60360 Insect and Grub Control

With the Bonide insect and grub control (link to amazon), you can prevent turf damage from numerous insects. It will get rid of both above and below the surface insects of the lawn and is quite effective against cricket, ant, billbug, roach, flea, tick, and other listed insects.

It is designed for long-lasting and fast-acting control from different invading species. The insect killer comes with a combination of Imidacloprid and Lambda-Cyhalothrin, which allows it to kill the insects in 24-hours while protecting both the soil and surface for up to 3-months from insects.

It is suitable for outdoor use such as lawns, around the house foundation, and gardens. You can spread the granules quite easily with a fertilizer spreader or can distribute it as a barrier around the house foundation.

What do we like about it?

The Bonide insect and grub control combine both systematic action and fast-acting insect control ingredients to kill the insects in 24-hours and to provide 3-months protection against soil and surface insects. It is the best grub and insect killer that provides top to bottom protection and kills 40 additional insects with a single application.

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What else?

The insect killer protects your home and lawn and prevents turf damage. It is easy to apply with a handheld spreader or with a cup with wholes. Moreover, the insect killer is priced reasonably.

What don’t we like?

It is not safe for the kids and pets, so keep them away from the treated area. This insect killer might kill other beneficial insects too.

7. Roundup 4385404 Pest Control

If you want to get rid of the insects without damaging your lawn or garden, then the Roundup pest control (link to amazon) will be the perfect one for you. Apply it once and kill 100+ insects including spiders, ants, grubs, fleas, cutworms, and other above and below the ground insects for up to 3-months.

You can use it confidently, without worrying about any damage, on your lawn, landscape areas, flowers, and ornamental gardens. Apply the grub killer easily and evenly on your entire lawn with the help of Scotts-branded spreader.

After applying it, make sure to water the area thoroughly. It is best to apply it in spring or early summer to kill maximum insects from above and below the surface.

What do we like about it?

The Roundup grub killer can kill 100+ listed insects by contact and continues killing them up to 3-months. It efficiently kills the grubs without harming your lawn. This amazing insect killer is quite convenient and easy to apply to the entire lawn.

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What else?

You can use it in several areas to kill the pesky-damaging bugs. It can cover up to 2,500sq.ft area. The grub control comes with a money-back guarantee too.

What don’t we like?

It doesn’t get rid of the insects as effectively as the other insecticides. Plus, you cannot use them in vegetable gardens.

8. Merit 0.5 Granular Systemic Insect Control

The Merit 0.5 Granular Systemic Insect Control (link to amazon) kills all the grubs before they cause any turf damage. It provides long-lasting grub control at exceptionally low usage rates. The insect control ensures outstanding residual control of numerous pests, which makes it the best grub killer for moles.

It controls mole crickets, grubs, Japanese beetles, and other listed insects and kills them eventually. This product contains 0.5% of the active ingredient Imidacloprid than other grub killers, which makes it effective as both curative and preventive treatment.

You can apply it on turfgrass, trees and shrubs, ornamentals, flowers, groundcovers, and also around residential and commercial buildings. Use both drop-type and rotary-type spreaders for applying the granules evenly in different areas.

 What do we like about it?

With the Merit 0.5 granular insect control, you can protect your lawn for a long time. It provides both preventive and curative control and keeps the white grubs and other insects away to improve your lawn. The insect control prevents the pests from feeding on the grassroots, stops their reproduction, and eventually kills them.

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 What else?

This insect control provides broad-spectrum systematic action to kill the insects. Its usage is rated up to 96% lower than other registered soil insecticides. You can treat up to 16,600sq.ft area with this 30-pound insect killer.

What don’t we like?

It cannot be used during heavy rainfall as the granules might wash away. Using it might kill other beneficial insects from the lawn.

9. Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawns & Landscapes

You can control the grubs and insects in your lawn with the SpectracideTriazicide Insect killer (link to amazon) that comes with fast-acting formula. It protects roses, flowers, shrubs, trees, lawns, and vegetables and fruits by killing 260+ insects by contact.

The insect killer eliminates both above and below the ground insects, grubs, ants, fleas, and other listed insects. It provides long-lasting protection and is also non-staining.

This insect killer is available as a ready-to-spray QuickFlip spray that can be attached directly to the garden hose, and as a diluted concentrate that can be mixed with water. For the best results, use this product in late spring to kill the young grubs, and apply it again in fall if the grubs appear for the second time.

What do we like about it?

The insect killer comes with a fast-acting formula that kills around 260 listed insects by contact. It takes care of both above and below the ground insects and makes your lawn insect-free. You can use it on your lawn, landscape areas, and fruits and vegetable gardens.

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What else?

It can be mixed with water or can be attached to the garden hose directly, so you can spread it quite easily in the affected areas. You can get your money back if the product doesn’t satisfy you.

What don’t we like?

Since the insect killer kills on contact, so it can be harmful to the bees. You need to apply it frequently every other day for more effective use.

10. ST GABRIEL ORGANICS 80080-P Milky Spore Grub Control

Solve the grub problems naturally with the Milky Spore grub control (link to amazon). It is a long-lasting grub control spreader mix that gets rid of larvae of Japanese beetles with perfection.

You can use this organic compound during spring and early summer to prevent the grubs from developing and to keep them away from the grassroots. With just one application, you can kill grubs for 15 to 20 years. You can apply it easily with a spreader, anytime from spring through fall.

It is safe and harmless to other living things and will not affect bees, birds, fish, animals, beneficial insects, or humans. But still, it is better to keep away your pets and kids from the treated area after application.

What do we like?

It is a natural treatment that lasts longer than other insect killers. Apply it once and you can be relieved for a long-time from grubs as it keeps your lawn protected for the 15-20 years.

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What else?

The best thing about this milky spore grub control is that it does not contain any chemical and doesn’t harm any bees, humans, or animals. This best grub worm killer treats up to 7,000 sq. ft area.

What don’t we like?

It is effective, but it is not fast-acting and takes a lot of time to work. Moreover, it is quite expensive than other standard grub controls.

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Grub Killer

Not all products you see in the market are good for fighting against the grubs in lawns. You need to consider a few things before purchasing the right grub killer.

Detect the Problem: Before purchasing a grub killer, you should make sure that there are grubs present in the soil. Brown patches can also be caused due to other reasons, so before purchasing a grub killer, you need to check underneath the turf to detect them.

The Number of Grubs: If there are less than five grubs present in the soil and you don’t see any lawn damage, then there is no need to purchase a grub killer as the number of grubs is normal. But, if you detect more than six or seven grubs in the lawn, then you need to purchase any best lawn grub killer to get rid of them.

The Right Type of Product: There are different types of grub killers that come in different forms – Granule and liquid. Make sure to purchase the right type of grub killer, which is easy to apply and also which fits in your budget.

Multi-purpose Grub Killer: Some grub killers not only kills the active grubs but also work as a preventive grub control for the future. These products will help you to keep your lawn protected from the grubs for a long time. So it is best to purchase a grub killer that not only kills grubs but also can prevent future grub problems too.

Read the Reviews: Reviews are quite helpful to know how effective a product is. So before purchasing any grub killer, you need to read the reviews to know the pros and cons of each grub killer and select the one that you feel will be best for your lawn grubs.

How to Get Rid of Grubs?

Grubs are c-shaped small insects that live mostly deep in the soil for months. At the beginning of spring, they dig up the soil and comes near the surface and start eating the roots of the plants and grass and damages your lawn.

Moreover, they also lay eggs during that period and make way for another set of grubs that further destroys your lawn. So, after detecting the signs of grubs in a lawn, you should purchase an efficient grub killer and apply them to get rid of the grubs.

The best time to treat them is from early-July through mid-August. Apply the grub killer on the affected areas by following the instructions and water the areas after application so that the product goes into the soil and kills the grubs.

You might need to apply the grub killer again for the second time if there are more grubs present in the lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When to treat for grubs ?

The best time to treat for grubs is early spring to fall as during that period the grubs lay eggs and comes near to the soil’s surface. So you should apply the grub killer and prevent the young grubs from developing.

  1. Can I use the grub killer in vegetable gardens ?

Some grub killers are not suitable for applying to vegetable gardens as they are a chemical product. Before purchasing, you need to read the label of the grub killer to check the areas applicable for use. You can find some grub killers that can be used before harvesting the vegetables.

  1. How to apply the grub killer for treating grubs?

First, you need to apply the granules of the grub killer evenly with a spreader to the areas. Next, water the treated area thoroughly and wait for it to dry. If you are using a spray, then mix it with water or attach it directly to the garden hose and apply it to the areas you want to treat.

  1. Can the grub killers kill other insects?

Yes, some of the grub killers are effective against ants, fleas, spiders, Japanese beetles, billbugs, moth cricket, and other insects.

  1. Can you use the grub killer indoors?

No, the grub killers can be used only in outdoor lawns, gardens, on flowers and ornamentals, and around house foundations, to kill the insects.

 Final Verdict

Lawns are meant to be enjoyed. Grubs can damage them by eating the grassroots and by creating dead patches at different places. To get rid of the grubs, you need to purchase the best grub killer and protect your lawn and gardens from the annoying insects.

I recommend the Scotts GrubEx – Grub Killer and Preventer that not only kills a variety of insects but also protects your lawn for up to 4 months. But if you want a natural and preventive control, then ST GABRIEL ORGANICS 80080-P Milky Spore Grub Control will be the perfect one, as it will prevent the insects from entering your lawn for up to 10-15 years.

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